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Joining Unsurprisingly, people Looking for a cohousing personality co-housing schemes for many reasons, but how they join is actually quite diverse. On the informal end of the spectrum, people found their way to schemes through word of mouth, social media, cohoksing and by attending face-to-face interviews. This seemed most common where a degree of transience is dor norm, such as in the Manor House warehouses and the Collective, which both largely cater to younger, single demographics, often in times of transition in their lives moving to London, getting started in their career, ending a relationship.

Joining The Collective is more indirectly brokered. A Community Team, rather than other residents, hosts tours and interviews; this team makes final decisions as to who gets Looikng, based on how well they feel the candidate fits Looking for a cohousing personality the culture they are actively curating.

The emphasis on personality makes sense in these scenarios, given the higher degree of shared spaces hosting intimate everyday interactions living rooms, kitchens. While these personality-based protocols for joining can be seen as exclusive or unfair, they are arguably as.

The more formal joining processes involved registering as a member, paying a nominal fee, being assessed for eligibility criteria ranging from income levels or relation to the local area, for instanceadopting a set of established principles or committing to participate in organisational governance. These processes tended to be linked with schemes intended for permanent settlement: The entry process for OWCH was an interesting hybrid of formal procedures alongside intensely Looking for a cohousing personality interactions over a prolonged period.

This somewhat cautious approach Looking for a cohousing personality be explained by the fact that OWCH represents a final home for the women who live there; equally, its operation requires higher levels of participation, as well as perwonality collaboration to solve problems. Of all interviewees, St Clements seemed the most concerned with having a transparent process for allocating homes: Their eligibility criteria touched on a range of elements, from housing need and income and saving levels, through to evidence of connections to the local area.

Previous page Next page. Shared living, whether through public realm, workspace or housing, has long been of interest to our practice. The original impetus for this See More.

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Intervie ws living situation, and are used for pdrsonality transparency and fairness of process. While these personality-based protocols for joining can be seen as exclusive or unfair, they are arguably as fair as criteria-based entry: Published on Jul 2, Living Closer: Go explore.