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24 7 sub wanted

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Kate Kinsey. It takes a particular personality beyond merely dominant and submissive on both sides to even attempt it. But who I am to judge?

If it works for them What works, works. Unfortunately I've been around long enough to run into the fabulous, knowledgeable and generous 24 7 sub wanted as well as 24 7 sub wanted annoyingly tedious pompous asses. To make it work, you have to be adept at juggling and slipping in and out of role, because there are areas where watned simply can't bring your kink as fully as you might like. Doctors' offices, legal issues like mortgages, business, child care, jobs, etc.

24 7 sub wanted

But most of us don't have that luxury. The problem with that juggling and slipping in and out of role ssub, my opinion is that coming out of role can make it more difficult to get 24 7 sub wanted into the necessary mindset.

I'll use my own experience as an example. And this is by no means true for everyone. When I began with my master, we were not friends, not lovers, not anything except Master and slave.

No gray 24 7 sub wanted, no expectations, no baggage from "before. It was complicated further by a master who was and still is a hard-playing sadist, not the doting Daddy dom, not the dom who wanted 24 7 sub wanted princess ssub the daytime and a slut in the bedroom. Our fantasies, our needs, were much edgier, darker. I found a certain amount of pain exciting, but mostly I found my pleasure in truly suffering -- enduring-- the pain he needed to inflict.

My Girlfriend Is My 24/7 Slave

This became the wantdd of my submission. He had strict rules of what I was allowed 24 7 sub wanted ask of him, expect of him. And in the beginning, I thrived on that. It fed the slave in me, and I needed him as my all-powerful god -- as much as he needed that power over me.

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And it may also have been complicated by my having another relationship in which I got the tenderness and affection I need simply as a human being, not a slave -- so I could keep master on a pedestal as "Master" -- I didn't need or want those things from him. I needed, in fact, for him to put all of his wants and needs ahead of mine, or else I didn't feel I was truly submitting. It was much like the religious ecstasy of old-time saints and martyrs 24 7 sub wanted me. But for me it didn't work.

For him it didn't work. I needed him as Hot seeking sex tonight Belleterre Quebec and 24 7 sub wanted as God.

24 7 sub wanted

Perhaps because I'm too independent, too "dominant" suh in personality, perhaps because i 24 7 sub wanted a certain level of intensity. Fast forward a couple of years where we've become true lovers and friends. His level of play began to lighten, and his strict expectations relaxed a bit -- not because it filled his needs to do so, but because he loves me.

He's far more aware of the aches and pains wantev follow play, the bruises and subdrop, physical and emotional risks -- as well as knowing, gee, she had a rough week at work, she's not feeling well, she has to get up early tomorrow Does this make him a weak master?

A bad dominant? No, wub 24 7 sub wanted brought some grey areas into what he needed.

And as he became more a lover than a master, I found my expectations and needs sliding as well. When there are lapses in communication, and I've had that rough day or simply not feeling particularly "submissive" because of other distractions -- I found myself sometimes reacting to hard 24 7 sub wanted and demands with a child's hurt: How can you ask me to do this when I really don't want to?

Some parents find it easier to be strict, others do not. And as my slave was not being fed, finding it harder and harder to maintain 24 7 sub wanted mindset of complete obedience, she sank more and more into the background.

Master and i began to interact more as equals For me and my master He is my dominant, lover, friend and play partner. I am striving to deepen and broaden my 24 7 sub wanted to him, but for a lot of reasons -- some of which are more about my evolution in this lifestyle than sbu him -- I simply cannot be a slave anymore.

It's just not in me. I spent several years grieving for that slave quite intensely.

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I spent more time blaming 24 7 sub wanted for aanted being the "master" anymore, not realizing that I was equally guilty of not meeting his needs anymore. It's not a failure, it's not that we are "playing at it.

That 24 7 sub wanted an ongoing process. Again, this isn't the way it works for everybody, but i think many can understand the changes we went through.

In some other post, I could wanter you little rituals and practices that can be used to do this. It all depends on what you want and need. So much depends on the dominant and submissive you want to be.

Can a monogamous couple have "mom and sex" and "mom and sessions"? Of course, if that works for you.

I Searching Nsa 24 7 sub wanted

If you find that as hard as you try, one of you is still not getting quite what you need? Well, then you've got to look for other ways to fill those needs, or your relationship will be dogged by disatisfaction, longing, wondering "what if?

More than anything, this lifestyle is about getting what you want and need to be a fulfilled, 24 7 sub wanted and 24 7 sub wanted person. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.