The William Grant & Sons family had the vision and foresight 40 – 50 years ago to source, lay down and nurture these stocks, in order to someday be the envy of the industry. They are now realising that vision, and in the unique and rare position to hold highly revered aged stocks while others struggle for supply.

Brian Kinsman the 6th generation Master Blender creates their Rare Cask Reserves blends from Single Malts and Grains he believes work best together, in all cases Brian truly believes they are better together than apart.

The varied range and wealth of stocks puts William Grant & Sons in the unique position to be highly selective in marrying their stocks. Brian really can be creative and deliver excellence in composition.  To leverage their position William Grant & Sons is committed to Brian’s will; to create small finite batches never to be created again his selection driven by taste profile. Truly Rare and Truly Finite.





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